McWane Ductile zinc coated pipe consists of a layer of arc-applied or paint-applied, 99.99% pure zinc coating, having a mass of 200g/m² with a finished layer of standard shop-applied bituminous paint in accordance with AWWA C-151. Pipe markings shall include the word “ZINC” in the pipe markings or label required by AWWA C-151 and/or other markings as deemed appropriate by the manufacturer. Zinc coating shall comply with all applicable parts of ISO 8179 for zinc coatings. Minor scratches in the zinc coating will not need to be repaired due to the self-healing nature of zinc coatings. Larger areas shall be repaired by field application of a zinc-rich paint, in accordance with ISO 8179, except when the pipe is to be encased in V-Bio® Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement.