Below are the upcoming events McWane Ductile is proud to be a part of. 





Sales Rep in Attendance



KY/TN WPC 7/18/2022 Lexington KY Roy Mundy
OH-AWWA Annual Conf. 7/25/2022 Cleveland OH Roy Mundy TCE/GEN (New Format)/Corrosion
OAWWA 7/26/2022 Cleveland OH Clinton Fowler Booth 528
ASCE Pipelines 7/31/2022 Indianapolis IN Roy Mundy Financial Impact of Pipe Selectional & Asset Management of an Organization
AWWA-Trans. Issues Conf.  8/1/2022 Cincinnati OH Roy Mundy "Generations" 
Tri-State Conf. 8/8/2022 Las Vegas  NV John Johnson
WVRWA Annual Conf.  8/15/2022 Snow Shoe WV Roy Mundy TCE
KS-AWWA 8/29/2022 Topeka  KS John Simpson LCCA-ENVISION
MN-AWWA Annual Conf. 9/12/2022 Duluth  MN Roy Mundy TCE/Gen (New Format)
NEWWA Conf.  9/12/2022 New Port RI
APWA Conf. 9/19/2022 Sandy UT John Johnson Corrosion
NRWA 9/26/2022 Nat'l Harbor MD PER Template, Fin. Impact of Pipe Sel.
AWWA Intermtn. Conf. 10/3/2022 UT
SW AWWA 10/3/2022 Rogers AR
NAWC 10/17/2022 Miami FL
GA-GWAP 10/17/2022 Savannah  GA
OH-RWA EXPO and Tradeshow 10/18/2022 Wilmington OH LCCA & Corrosion
NHWWA 10/20/2022 Concorde NH Roy Mundy Organizational Asset Management
ASCE. Conf.  10/24/2022 Anaheim CA
FL-AWWA 11/28/2022 Orlando FL
GA-RWA 11/28/2022 Jekle Island GA