Treatment Plant Sales

Below you can find our treatment plant sales team contacts with representatives divided by their respective regions. Contact information is are available for our team members. If you’d like to speak with a sales representative but don’t know who to contact, just fill out the Request Product Information form and a representative will get in touch.

Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

  • Alex Shelton Treatment Plant Sales Representative 704-572-2903

Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, N Dakota, S Dakota, Minnesota

  • Dan Henrie Treatment Plant Sales 630-605-7489

Northern Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan

  • David Smith Plant Division Sales Manager 724-316-4093

Southern Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana

  • Darcie Keirns Treatment Plant Sales Representative 740-607-9082

General Treatment Plant Sales

  • Chris Hutras Assistant General Manager 740-622-6551
  • Cory Humphreys Technical Services Supervisor 740-291-1046