As an industry leader for many years, McWane Ductile has a long history of positive recognition from both our peers and our customers. You can see our complete list of awards and accolades displayed below.

  • 2018 Exemplary Environmental Achievement - McWane Ductile Ohio

    This is a new award category introduced in 2018 and is presented to recognize a noteworthy achievement in furtherance of McWane’s industry leading EHS performance.

  • 2018 Pollution Prevention - Third place (tie): McWane Ductile - Ohio - ISO Core Machine Waste Sand Reduction

  • 2017 Outstanding Health & Safety Performance - McWane Ductile, New Jersey

    This award is given to the one facility who has the best overall HS by looking at 11 distinctive categories. The categories which are evaluated are: (plaque awarded)

    • OSHA complaints or citations
    • Review of Health & Safety Procedures
    • Completion of corrective actions
    • Accuracy of OSHA 300 log recording of injuries/illnesses
    • Corporate audit performance
    • Participation in HS initiatives
    • Effectiveness of  HS system management reviews
    • Qualifications of HS staff
    • Other HS awards received by facility
    • Significant incidents
    • Effectiveness of injury reduction plans
  • 2017 McWane Quartile Club - McWane Ductile, New Jersey

    This award is given to facilities whose year-end recordable injury rates are in the top 25% of their industry. The Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is determined by taking the number of incidents occurred in a year’s period which require medical treatment, restricted work activity, or lost time and multiplying that by 200,000 and dividing by the total number of hours worked at the facility during the year

  • 2017 Utah Safety Council Award of Merit

    We are proud to announce that McWane Ductile Utah (MDU) received the 2017 Award of Merit presented by the Utah Safety Council. The Utah Safety Council is a chapter of the National Safety Council and serves Utah, Idaho and Nevada.

  • 2017 McWane Ergo Cup - Best Innovation (representing the most innovative project): McWane Ductile Ohio, Coshocton, OH - Sure Stop Gasket Removal

    By using a Sure-stop extractor tool,  the need to cut the spigot end of the pipe has been eliminated.  Team members can now separate two adjoining pipe and also are able to re-use the gasket.  This tool eliminates the need for a team member to cut the pipe with a saw and cut out the remainder of the pipe from the bell end of the second pipe.  This tool is an ergonomic stress reliever and a cost-efficient method to remove th gasket.  

  • 2017 Pollution Prevention Challenge - First place: McWane Ductile - Ohio; Cupola Bottom Drop

  • 2017 Pollution Prevention Challenge - "Why Didn't I Think Of That" Award: Manchester Tank Elkhart - Dry Lubricant Reduction McWane Ductile - Utah; Wood Dunnage Reduction

  • 2017 Pollution Prevention Challenge - Third place: McWane Ductile - Utah; Bundling Station Paint Mats

  • 2016 EHS Excellence Award - McWane Ductile Utah

    McWane Ductile Utah is awarded the 2016 McWane EHS Excellence (Screaming Eagle) Award

    This is a joint award for Environmental and Safety & Health Excellence. The top three performers in the Outstanding HS Performance award are submitted to the Environmental Group, who also determines their top three performing facilities. From this list of top contenders, the facility with the overall best EHS performance in the company is selected for the award.

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